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About Scott Hjelm

Scott Hjelm has been practicing law in and around Oklahoma for 25 years. He practices primarily in the areas of personal injury, auto negligence, insurance claims, workers compensation, and criminal defense. He is licensed to practice in all Oklahoma courts, all Federal District courts in Oklahoma, and in the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals in Denver, CO. He received his Juris Doctor at Tulsa University College of Law, and attended Queens College, Oxford University, England. Scott has a degree from Oklahoma State University in Business Administration.

During law school, Scott worked full time for District Judge David Peterson as court bailiff, and attended classes at night. He then went to work for Herb Elias and Associates as a legal intern, then associate attorney, and a partner. Scott is now the managing partner in the firm that began in 1963. Scott has worked in and around the court system for 30 years.

As a practicing attorney, Scott has tried over 200 jury trials, and recovered millions of dollars for clients who have suffered from the negligence of others. He has obtained several acquittals in high risk criminal cases in his career as well.

“I interview all of my new prospective clients. When you come to this firm, you meet with and interact with the lawyer from the first day. It’s important to know that we don’t back down from a fight just because it’s difficult. Many other firms do not like to litigate disputes because of the time and money resources that are involved. Lawsuits and trials can be and are stressful for both clients and attorneys. If we take your case, I am in it for the long haul, and won’t drop the case just because it’s not easy.”